We want you to take a leap of faith and trust us, or at least the science and psychology of trust. We’re Australia’s first Trust-Based Strategic Marketing Agency. We believe that if you align all your marketing activities in a very particular way that reinforces your Competency, Reliability and Customer Intimacy then you will grow. We know it works that’s why many of our programs project the ROI before we even start. Trust us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So, what's with the
coloured hats?

You may have heard of Dr. Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats. That's our inspiration, well part of it, de Bono's systematic method of thinking was a completely new and different way and has been an inspiration of ours for many years.

The Green Hat focusses on creativity, ideas and possiblities...the kind of breakthroughs businesses are looking for to grow and prosper. Blue hat anchors our creativity in process and manages the creative to ensure we meet goals, budgets, timelines and other objectives to get you the best outcome to optimise your growth potential.


I guess you could say we’re curious and we love knowledge and the truth about how things work. We love to create transformation, change and renewal for our clients. The one question that keeps us up at night is “What is truth?” and we want to find out the answers to help grow your business and deliver the success you’re looking for.

The management team at Blue Hat Green have been supporting business for over 20 years whether it be designing and implementing brand and marketing strategies, lead generation and new business development programs or coaching and inspiring people. It’s who we are and it’s what we do. We love it! We have a natural instinct for it and we’ve become very good at it. The secret ingredients that separate us from others come from inspired thought and our irrepressible passion to deliver results that just gets stronger with every new engagement.

The team

Greg Caleo

CEO & Founder

Innovative Thinker ~ Motivated and Successful, Specialising in New Business Development and Major Market Expansion.

Greg, the founder of BHG, is a highly experienced Senior Executive and passionate Sales Professional having worked with companies like Qantas, Jetstar, Lend Lease, Fairfax, Citigroup, Bupa, Westpac, PWC and many more. He has an amazing track record of emotionally engaging people by building trust and solving problems as a path to unlocking opportunity. Greg knows that the right content, with the right message delivered in the right way to the right person at the right time is the key to drive growth.

"I am very focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations. I will personally oversee all the agency’s activities whilst helping to identify emerging opportunities that will further enhance clients experience with BHG."

Grant Belcher

Growth & Strategy Director

Published Brand Expert - Growth Strategist and Performance Marketing Optimisation.

Grant is a visionary growth strategist with an extrordinary ability to connect brand purpose with positioniong for maximum ROI. An innovative marketer, he knows how to zig when competitors zag. Grant is passionate about sustainable business growth by optimising a customer's journey and removing obstacles to engagement and growth.

A distinct and purpose-driven brand should be accompanied by a clear positioning strategy and performance optmised marketing plan and this is where I deliver compelling ROI with insightful growth hacks and experimentation to identify the most efficiency path to growth.

Penelope Mallinckrodt

Client Services Director

Versatile, engaging, successful and results oriented marketing and advertising professional with a demonstrated record of leading tactical marketing campaigns, client relations and business strategies.

Penelope is an energetic senior marketing professional with a passion for understanding customer insights and leveraging them to drive a range of business outcomes including sales growth, customer acquisition, customer retention and customer satisfaction. Penelope is also a Change Management professional with over 11 years of experience implementing transformation projects in the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries.

Ben Barin

Director Digital Technology

Leader of High performance, multi-disciplinary teams including development, pre-sales and technology delivery specialists

Results-oriented Leader with over 10 years’ experience in strategy development, operations planning, management consulting, outsourcing, delivery, information systems and technology implementation services. Ben has been providing strategic and technical digital services both as the CEO and Founder of TBST Digital and more recently as Director of Technology for BHG. Ben works with some of Australia's most well-known brands including many leading pharmaceutical companies, 2 of the big four banks and many consumer goods and services business.

Kiara Melissa

Designer & Developer

Designer & Developer of High-Conversion Websites | Certified in UX Design Thinking | Usability Testing Facilitator

Designer, Developer and UX Strategist with a knack for the original, a flair for detail and a hint of humor. Kiara blends creative and conversion optimisation, innovation with persuasion tactics (aka magic) to share your brand’s message to obtain new clients. She specialises in front-end web design and responsive frameworks with a strong focus on improving user experience and building UI design systems

“To me, design is all about digging deep to understand and empathise with users while solving complex business problems. Using research and data to drive and support design decisions allows one to remove personal bias and provide the best solution for the target market and user base. I love what I do, am full of personality and have that quirky vibe”.

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