Marketing / 1 min read / Greg Caleo

I admit it. I’ve been neglectful. I’ve been so busy preaching about the importance of brand trust I’ve forgotten to tell you about what is arguably one of the most important ingredients for brand growth. IDEAS. You’re thinking “Duh”… Well OK but what was the last really good idea that your marketing team embraced? The last lightbulb moment delivered by your agency? The game-changing idea that made a huge difference? I’ll wait….. Nothing? This might hurt but despite Australian’s having a great reputation for creativity, our businesses and many marketing managers have a less than stellar reputation on that front. This needs to change.

We clearly have talent but we need to remove the obstacles to ideation. Check out this article by our friends at TrinityP3. It’s the very reason we’ve setup our Growth-Lab… to create a crucible for game changing ideas. Want an example? Contact me for a chat.
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