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Success stories

Case study 01

Space now

Inspired by disruptive startups like Airbnb and Uber, a group of Sydney based entrepreneurs started SpaceNow for people seeking a diverse range of spaces to use. BlueHatGreen were engaged to develop the Brand and Positioning Strategy of this exciting startup. Realising their true potential, we identified that SpaceNow were the pioneers of the activated-space economy. This reset all perceptions about commercial space - it was now anything people needed at any time on flexible terms – it was even media. This brand story attracted multimillion dollar investors from Dubai so that SpaceNow was able to launch their beta site and are on the path to sustainable long term growth.

Case study 02

Goat SkinCare

BHG's Grant Belcher was engaged to create a Brand & Positioning Strategy to differentiate THE GOAT against copycat goats’ milk skincare products. Our discovery process connected the emotional purpose of the owners to “nurture by nature” and leveraged the highly ecofriendly and sustainable sourcing of their skincare products to become Australia’s first in Ethical Skincare using Goats Milk. Since the strategy the products are now selling in Coles nationally.

Case study 03

King Irving

BHG was engaged by King Irving to resolve brand confusion between their Funds Management and Consulting brands using the same name while differentiating the funds Management business to investors and super fund managers. The solution was a Mindshare Brand Positioning strategy that articulated leadership in a geo-balancing approach to investment strategy while communicating a distinct personality archetype and a new brand architecture between each business.

Case study 04


Rebrand of the existing company including new name, logo and all other visual assets including website, print and social media. Within weeks of completing the website and updating their social media, we launched the OPTIMUS program to both primary and secondary schools in the Newcastle and Central Coast regions. After 4 weeks in market, we had increased the CEO’s connections by 600, generated over 40 positive conversations resulting in a non-disclosed numbers of phone & face to face meetings.

Case study 05


Having recently divested from Dell, Quest Software needed more than a lead generation program to support its APJ marketing for the QoreStor product. BHG’s Optimus program provided the only Brand Activation program that could rebuild the Quest brand with the channel as well as provide content marketing and lead generation. The results were compelling with over 18000 brand interactions, 4652 new connections and 168 marketing qualified opportunities in a 12 week period solely on the LinkedIn platform. Additionally Quest was now connected to the most senior IT decision makers of numerous Fortune 500 and blue chip companies. So excited by the results Quest has since extended the program to new products in the Quest family.

Case study 06


IWS, a retail and franchise SaaS company had been looking for an agency to undertake a brand positioning strategy but wanted something that would deliver a short term ROI. BHG’s Optimus program was selected for it’s Brand and Lead Activation. BHG effectively positioned IWS as Australia’s first Unified Franchise Management provider and developed a LinkedIn-based engagement program to seed conversations about the needs of the franchise industry. At the completion of the program IWS had increased their audience of franchise owners, operators and brands to 3463 and engaged in over 180 positive conversations nurtured to opportunity.

Case study 06

Unity 4

The call centre industry traditionally suffers with a poor reputation of harassing customers with unwanted calls. Unity4 however believed in the power of good conversations to do good in the lives of customers. Using a proprietary technology, skilled at-home operatives and methodologies was key to the success Unity4 delivered to customers. BHG was engaged by Unity4 to accelerate their growth plans and using our Optimus program we optimised one of their senior managers to activate his profile on LinkedIn and massively scale the reach and influence of Unity4 through precision audience targeting and relevant content. By identifying an authentic personality archetype and activating keywords we were able to increase their connections by more than 2600 and seed more than 180 conversations and uncovering more than 70 possible meeting opportunities.

Case study 08


Williams Fashion Logistics had developed a strong reputation for efficiency and speed in fashion supply chain however were looking to grow and differentiate against global competitors. Logistics is perceived as a price competitive industry with few points of difference. BHG under took a Mindshare Brand Strategy to position Williams as leaders in Growth-Chain Logistics where the focus was optimisation of process to improve brand growth for clients. This exciting new strategy was taken to market where after 12 weeks more than 3000 new contacts in Fashion were acquired and engagement metrics exceeding benchmark to deliver 70 active conversations and 35 qualified opportunities